Friends Getting Their Driver’s Licenses But You’d Rather Soar Through The Air? Get A Pilot’s License!

There isn't much that matches the level of freedom that a teenager feels the first time they drive without an adult after getting their driver's license. There is one thing, however, that could surpass that feeling of freedom—piloting an airplane. Most teens look forward to getting their driver's licenses so they can take to the road. But some teens are more interested in taking to the air and getting a pilot's license, like Matt Guthmiller. Read More 

College Application 101: Guiding Your Child Through This Difficult Process

High school students, today, are under a tremendous amount of stress to choose and apply for the right college. But what is the right college? The truth is that there is no one correct answer. Yet, students all over the United States are pinning all of their hopes on getting accepted into colleges they believe are their dream destinations. And when they don't get in to that one special college, many end up being bitterly disappointed. Read More