4 Ways Preschool Can Help Start New Family Traditions

When you decide to sign up your child for preschool or a child care center, it can create a lot of changes in your life. Instead of looking at the negative aspects, you can turn the time away from your child into a number of positive experiences. The learning and social growth that a child has in preschool can be transitioned back into the home. As you register for your child for preschool, you can start planning all types of new traditions to start at home. A majority of these traditions involve the preschool process and the learning that they will have there. Browse through each of these traditions and see how they can apply to your family.


When your child attends an educational child care center, they will likely have a snack time each day. Preschools often emphasize the importance of proper nutrition and a healthy diet. This is a great way to expand the teaching at home through fun snack making. On a specific day of the week, you and your child can plan out multiple healthy snacks to bring to school. Your child can help you prepare various snacks and fun designs. For example, you can can make fruit snakes with slices of strawberries and bananas placed together in a pattern. By planning snacks with your child, they can be involved in every step of the process like grocery shopping and putting the snacks together.

Arts & Crafts Collage

Preschool is the just the beginning of art projects for your child. In school, they will create many different types of paintings, drawings, and other crafts. While keeping each one would quickly create a huge pile of papers, you can plan ahead and keep special memories all together. By planning out an arts & crafts collage, you can capture snippets of what your child has created in preschool.

Purchase a larger poster board. Each time your child comes home with an art project, you can cut a section out of the creation and paste it on the board. As more art projects come home, you can cut out the different sections until a collage starts forming. Eventually, you will have board filled with all different designs. You can continue the collage after preschool and include projects from later grades.

Photo Traditions

Preschool memories are great to look back on in the future. By starting new photo traditions, you can create fun themes that last for years to come. For example, one of the more basic traditions is the student and teacher photo. Capture an image of your child with the teacher. Then, you can repeat this tradition for each year they are in school. By the time they graduate middle school, you will have a collection of photos of your child with every teacher they had.

Another great photo tradition to start is the first day and last day picture. On the first day of preschool you can capture an image of your child dressed for school. You can repeat the same picture on the last day of school and then edit them together in a single photo.

New Music Sing-a-Longs

During preschool, your child will learn a lot of new songs and music. Sharing these songs together is a great way to bond and expand their preschool experience. On a specific day of the week, you and your child can share these songs together. A child can choose their favorite song from the week and you can download it to play in the car. This is also an ideal time for you to introduce one of your favorite songs. Sharing this music together is a great way to bond and expand on the preschool experience.

Look at specific preschool curriculum to help select the different traditions that you and your child can embark on. For more ideas, contact a child care center like Learning Tree Schools.