4 Topics In Adult Education To Lead You Down A New Path

Taking adult education classes is a way to invest in your future, whether you want to change career paths, find self-fulfillment, or achieve personal growth. There are several subjects you should consider adding to your knowledge base.

Language Classes

If you are currently employed in human services, education, or the medical field, learning Spanish or American sign language (ASL) is a highly-prized skill. Since many colleges and universities either don't offer ASL or don't allow students to use the course to fulfill language requirements, ASL tends to be a less popular choice for students, possibly making the skill more valuable to employers. Even if you are not currently working in a field that is conducive to learning a second language, becoming proficient may give you access to full-time or part-time employment as a translator or interpreter in the areas of law, education, or health.

Business And Entrepreneurship

With more people wanting to break free of the traditional brick-and-mortar job or simply wanting opportunities to work from home while earning an income, being your own boss is an increasingly popular alternative. Unfortunately, many people dive in the self-employment market head-first, often out of necessity, which can lead to problems in the future. Learning the fundamentals of business, which includes tax laws and marketing, can help you feel more confident when venturing out on your own. Other information that is important when considering a self-employment career is whether registering an LLC or other business structure is in your best interest to reduce liability and protect your personal assets.

Art And Technology

Many aspects of the arts have gone high-tech. One example is the popularity of DSLR cameras and their use in video production, photography, and marketing. Having a working knowledge of DSLR cameras is wise investment because the skill opens up new income opportunities. Many industries hire freelance photographers and videographers to help in the creation of portfolios, showcase properties in the real estate market, or to advertise store inventory. Additionally, learning basic photo and video editing skills adds to the range of services you can offer prospective clients. Once you have the fundamental knowledge of popular editing software, practicing advanced techniques with your own sample photographs and videos can help you gain the confidence to take on paid work.

Money Management And Debt Relief

Part of finding a new path is not always about the skills you acquire to find the next job, but the skills you can use to improve your current lifestyle. One important personal skill is financial management and acquiring financial freedom. Many people are weighed down with debt from their education, credit cards, or medical bills. Since it is not always possible to earn more money or find a better job, you may need tools to help you manage debt within your current financial situation. Some people are unaware that they can negotiate lower prices on medical bills or a lower interest rate on their credit cards. If you have gone into default on your student loans, you may learn about student loan rehabilitation programs to help remove negative marks on your credit report.

Becoming more educated on money management and chipping away at debt can help you determine which forms of debt are best tackled first. For example, if you are treading water on repaying debts, it might be better in the long-run to invest more resources in paying down debts that you can realistically pay and have the most adverse impact on your credit rating. For many people, making a five or 10 year plan to pay down their debts can be the first step to eventually owning their own home or making significant financial investments.

There are few people who cannot benefit from taking adult education courses. In addition to increasing your marketable skills or finding financial freedom, taking classes can satisfy your curiosity or become an outlet for creativity. Contact an adult education center for more information.