3 Excellent Reasons to Become CPR Certified

CPR certification courses are offered all over the place, and taking one of them is an excellent idea. This article will discuss three excellent reasons to become CPR certified. 

You Can Save Lives

Perhaps the most important reason that you should get your CPR certification is because it helps you to save lives. During your certification course, you will not only be taught the correct ratio of chest compressions to rescue breaths (30:2), but you will also be required to pass this off on adult and child dummies to show that you know how to do CPR properly. Knowing the appropriate way to do chest compressions and rescue breaths will allow you to keep someone alive while 911 is called and an ambulance is sent. This means that whether you are in a library, a restaurant, a store, a school, or even a church, you have a skill set that allows you to help those around you.

It May Help You Get a Job

There are several jobs out there that require candidates to be either currently CPR certified or getting their certification soon after being hired. This is due to the fact that there are so many different job situations where you are going to be around people, and you need to be able to help those people in case of an emergency. If you are applying for a job that requires a certification, and you already have one, then this is likely going to put you above all of the other candidates that are applying. This is both because it will save the employer time due to their not having to wait for you to get your CPR certification and because it will save them money due to their not having to pay for you to become certified. In a competitive job market, anything that you can do to get ahead is very important. 

You May Find a Passion for Teaching CPR Certification Courses Yourself

If you find that you really enjoyed taking the CPR certification course, then you may decide that you would like to teach this course yourself. In most cases, you are going to first need to take a CPR course, which you will have already done, and then you will need to take instructor courses and an examination. Once you have done this, you can then begin teaching these amazing, live-saving CPR courses to others and help them to also save lives. 

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